Sunday, January 22, 2006

i apologize

i understand that some of things that i say may sometimes hurt you, but i need you to understand that some of things that you say also hurt me too. i'm not trying to be a bitch or anything like that i'm just wondering why when a guy fucks up and says something wrong he is always wrong. but, when a girl says something wrong then she's not in the wrong all the time. i think that's bullshit.

i'm not trying to say that men shouldn't watch what they say more then women, come on now we could say some really harsh shit sometimes and that shit just ain't right. you women need to watch what you say also, cuz although it may seem that we can take some shit there are some things that we just don't wanna hear.

so i do apologize for saying what i said, but i was just playing with you. if i hurt you in any way then i'm truly sorry and you are still the most beautiful thing that my eyes have ever seen. but i just wanna let you know that sometimes what you say may not seem like it has an impact on me but it does, i just deal with it more then not.

i love you foosa, i really missed you last night


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