Thursday, January 26, 2006

it's the me now

yeah, i've had sex before.......and yeah i've had previous girlfriends before. so you're gonna judge me NOW, after a whole year of being together. what the hell is that shit. i understand that i did do something in the past that hurt our relationship but we are STILL together and i STILL love you more than anyone that i could think of........YOU, no one else. can't you just see that.

i wake up every morning thinking of you, and not just because i sleep with you every night, but because my heart is so full of you that i have no room for anything else. CAN'T YOU SEE THAT!!!!!! i love you with all me heart, and if any of those other girls from my past meant anything to me i would be with them right now but i'm not with them, i'm with you. you mean so much to me, it's unbelievable.

love may seem to only strike once but it's not like that. i have had my share of misses with true love, three times to be exact, but none of them have come to being as close to true love as you are right now. and you think that imma let that go without a fight. i have never judged you on something that happened before me, and i will try my hardest to never do that to you. i just ask you to please see past that, i understand that it's gonna be hard cuz you really never had to deal with that before, but if you really do love me (and i'm not trying to say that you don't) then just love me for who i am NOW. don't be mad cuz of what happened pre-you, cuz that doesn't matter.



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