Sunday, January 15, 2006

simply amazing

let me tell you girlfriend is SIMPLY AMAZING

i believe that when you love someone it's more then just gifts, it's more then just jewelry, and it's way more then just sex......

it's all about being able to show someone how you love them through nine different languages, or making a mural full of great moments shared and wonderful words that have been spoken. when you could wake up, roll over, and look at the one person that you could actually see yourself waking up next to for the rest of your life, then i'm lucky as all hell. now i'm not saying that she is the one, but for right now there is no one better, and here's some hopeful thinking that i may be lucky enough to have her by my one.

love is only a four letter word that fades away when spoken but stays forever when meant with all your heart behind it. i wanna thank you for loving me as much as you have, and putting up with me as much as you have. i respect you, i appreciate you, and i'm not going to let go of you.

here's to one year down, and many more to come. love you foosa


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