Friday, February 03, 2006

i'm tired

i'm sorry that i didn't make it over alright, but i'm tired as fuck right now. i understand that you have a buys life as well, but for me to work all fucking day and then have to go to that greek week shit, it's very very exhausting. i just want you to understand that..........after i got done talking to you i feel right asleep. i was really that tired. i shouldv'e gone over but i was really really tired and i didn't even go to class today cuz i was still sleeping. so please don't be mad, it's not that i didn't wanna sleep next to you or anything like that. it was just nice to have the whole bed to myself and actually have room to relax by myself. i need that every now and then. so please understand.

i don't know what's going on with me but i've been very exhausted over the last couple of days, i hope that i'm alright. then you spring that living with me stuff and you start to almost cry. is it so wrong that i might be thinking about having some down time to myself sometime. i just don't think that we should live together right now, we are only 19 dammit. i'm still young, and even you said that this might not be forever, so why live together then. i wanna hold onto you as long as i possible can but i think that wasting gas is a small sacrifice to go and see you, or for you to come and see me.

still love you.........